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Pricing and Package Guide

One of the biggest reasons clients of MBP come back to us time and time again is a reasurance that the client always received high quality visuals, in line with the expectation from the client, and more importantly all quotes and costs are upfront and transparent with no sneaky ad-ons at a later date.

At MBP we have put together the below pricing guide so you can feel confident that no matter what your budget is, we will give you the visuals to be able to showcase your business across many digital platforms for many years to come.

That said with the pricing, not every client is the same and so if you want to chat about what your needs are, we can accommodate businesses of all sizes, complexities and locations.

Feel free to get in touch if you are looking at a more bespoke package or you have further questions regarding the details below.



From $480

Up to 1.5 hrs / 80 Images – $480

Up to 2.5hrs / 150 Images – $800

Up to 4.5hrs  / 300 Images – $1300

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Small Business



Photography – Up to 70 images

Up to 4 Professional Headshots

15 Second Website Loop Video



From $220

$220 – 1st Person / $120pp thereafter

$2,200 1st Hr / $1,100/hr thereafter

Executive Headshots / $320pp

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Mid Business



Photography – Up to 120 images

Up to 12 Professional Headshots

20 Second Website Loop Video &
60 Second Promo video with audio



From $650

Website Loop (15 secs) – $650

Short Promo (45 secs) – $1,110

Long Promo (90+ secs) –  $2,400

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Large Business



Photography – Up to 180 images

Up to 22 Professional Headshots

20 Second Website Loop Video &
90 Second promo video with audio

Want further info.. See some FAQ's below

What are the first steps?

We have a chat, either on the phone or in person about what it is your wanting the photos and videos to showcase. We will then give you a quote and if you are happy we make a day and time to start the photo and video sessions

How does your quote work?

We will give you a detailed quote with exactly what it is we will be producing, so there are no grey areas or hidden surprises.

Do we receive all of the images?

Absolutely not. We snap away and get a broad swathe of photos, we then filter these to remove any that don’t reach our standard, edit them for colour and cropping and then upload for each client

When do we receive the images?

Usually within 2-3 business days. It may take longer if there is some detailed editing involved, but not too much longer

What size images do you provide?

We always give two versions of each image, a high and a low resolution file. The high is for printing and the low is for uploading to your website or downloading to your phone.

What quality is the video?

The video, whether it is drone or on-ground is shot in 4K, which is Ultra High Definition. This gives the look and feel of a very high quality and cinematic production

Are you qualified drone pilot?

Marty has hundreds of hours of experience in drone photography and videography and also has a Commercial Drone Accreditation with CASA

How do I receive the video?

In most cases we will upload the video to our own YouTube Channel so you can use that link, we will also give you the mp4 file so you can upload and use it as you wish

Contact us and we will contact you back right away..

Preferred Contact

Preferred Date & Time

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