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Photography Services

Photography Services in Melbourne

A picture paints a thousand words. What more if it’s done by a professional business photographer! Imagine how that would impact your business, your products, and your services. You see, what attracts customers to any place of business are great pictures, and that’s where Melbourne Business Photography comes into the picture.

With more than 15 years of experience in business photography and 8 solid years in business banking, we know the kind of imagery you need for your marketing materials. We can help you decide the kind of photography services your business needs. And we’re more than happy to show you what we can do for you.

Action PhotographyAction Photography

Nothing is as dynamic as a busy working environment, and we perfectly capture that energy in the workplace. We make even the most mundane office activity like answering calls and meetings into something electric and dynamic. Action shots tell a story and Melbourne Business Photography tells a story very, very well. Learn more about our Action Photography services.


Aerial-Drone PhotographyAerial/Drone Photography

Aerial/Drone photography captures those breathtaking angles of any building or edifice from different points of view, especially when done by Melbourne Business Photography. We want to make your customers feel the grandeur and magnificence of your establishment and its location through exterior shots that are truly creative and spectacular. Learn more about our aerial/drone photography services.


Building and Environmental PhotographyBuilding & Environmental Photography

Did you know that your building façade and its surrounds have their own narrative, and they are easily captured through photography? From the building’s enclosures like its facades to other exterior shots like the building’s edifice; from the office interiors like the receiving areas to meeting rooms and executive offices. Melbourne Business Photography helps you tell a compelling brand story that is truly your own. Learn more about our building and environmental photography services.


Corporate HeadshotsCorporate Headshots

Whether you’re looking for traditional or creative headshots, Melbourne Business Photography can superbly deliver both, keeping in mind the business image you want to convey to your customers. if you want something formal or corporate, or fun and friendly, we’ll bring that out in every headshot with our expert business photography! Learn more about our corporate headshot photography services.


Cultural PhotographyCultural Photography 

While many photographers find this a creative challenge, the professionals at Melbourne Business Photography have no trouble at all highlighting an organisation’s culture through photos. It can be as simple as portraits of your employees’ faces or as complex as capturing the scenes in your production department that highlight the social relationships in your workplace. It takes skill and imagination to capture those moments and you can trust us to give you just that. Learn more about our cultural photography services.


Personalised Stock PhotosPersonalised Stock Photos

Why purchase costly stock images when we can help you have your own personalised stock photos? These custom stock images exclusively feature you, your business, and your people in various business activities that help you and your brand story. Use them wherever and whenever needed in your marketing and advertising campaigns, both offline and online! Learn more about our personalised stock photography services.


Professional PortraitsProfessional Portraits

Image is everything, as one sportsman has said. That’s why you have us to turn to for your professional portrait needs. We capture professionalism in the workplace, carefully composing the background to bring out the authenticity of your business and the industry you belong to. Learn more about our professional portraits services.


Social Media Friendly ImagesSocial Media-Friendly Images

Social media has become your company’s face as many customers check them out before going to your actual offices. Make sure that the photos you use on your business’ social media channels are friendly and expertly executed as opposed to shabby and haphazardly done. Melbourne Business Photography is well-versed in the parameters of the platform like the different aspect ratios, sharpness of images, etc. Learn more about our social media friendly photography services.


Team PhotographyTeam Photography

Let Melbourne Business Photography capture that team spirit like no other professional can! We’ve got professionals to draw out the dynamism of your staff and capture them forever in photos that display the chemistry, dynamics, and solidarity of your employees. These are photos that help boost the morale of the team and help attract new talents and enhance your brand’s image. Learn more about our team photography services.


Other Services

We also offer videography services like promotional marketing videos, interview-style videos, event videos, and website loop videos that help your business tell its story in a powerful and convincing manner. For enquiries, get in touch with us today!

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